यह पेज हिंदी में उपलब्ध नहीं है। आपको हुई किसी असुविधा के लिए हमें खेद है।

Spending lots of time online gaming?

Online gaming is fun and can help you to stay connected with friends, but there are some risks to think about. Here’s some advice for staying safe while playing:

  • Use the safety settings: Sometimes other gamers can say nasty things or try to bully or upset you, you can block and report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Get support: Some of the people you might be playing with could be older than you. Remember to be aware and tell an adult you trust if you feel upset or uncomfortable about what someone is saying to you.
  • Keep your details private: If anyone asks you to share your password or personal information with them, don’t send it.
  • Disconnect: Some games have content that might upset you or you may see something that makes you feel upset. If this happens turn off the game and speak to an adult you trust.
  • Find a balance: Some people find it hard to stop playing, but it’s important you also spend time with friends and family and do other things you enjoy.

Mobile games

A lot of people play mobile games. They can be a harmless, even constructive escape from the demands of everyday life but not all mobile games are created equally. Netsafe’s website has some really great advice about mobile games and in-app purchases(external link).

Watching loads of videos and films right now?

Age ratings and content warnings provide you with information about films, shows and games so you can make good choices about what to watch. You can learn more on our website - New Zealand's classification ratings(external link).

Sometimes you might get upset by something you've seen that wasn't expected. It's ok to stop watching.

If you've seen something that makes you anxious or depressed ask for help. Talk to a parent or adult in your whānau, talk with a friend or call 1737(external link).