Kāore he whārangi reo Māori mō tēnei. Aroha mai mēnā he raruraru ki a koe.

Report online harm or illegal content

If you see harmful or objectionable content(external link) online you can report it to a range of different organisations:

Report inappropriate or harmful content on social media

If you’re getting bullied, abused or receiving inappropriate contact from a stranger (grooming), you can report it to Netsafe here(external link).

If you see something on social media that isn’t OK – such as bullying or harassment – you should report it to the platform:

Report illegal or banned content

Some content is considered objectionable. Objectionable content(external link) is banned from being viewed, shared or distributed under New Zealand law. If you see something online that you think is illegal, or should be, you can report it to one of these organisations:

  • Police – If someone is at risk of imminent danger or a crime is being committed contact 111 immediately for help.
  • Covert Online Investigation team is a specialist Police unit protects children from online abuse. If you are concerned about objectionable material (sexual abuse, cruelty, violence, horror and crime) online, you can report it here(external link).
  • The Department of Internal Affairs have a team that investigates complaints and prosecutes people who collect and distribute child abuse material online. You can report objectionable material here(external link).
  • The Classification Office classify content and make decisions on whether it needs to be restricted or banned. If you come across content you think should be restricted or banned, you can contact them here(external link).

Once these agencies receive your complaint or query, they will investigate and get in touch with the provider about the content in question.