How to stay safe while gaming

Online gaming is fun and can help you to stay connected with friends, but there are some risks to think about.

Reporting and blocking

Lots of online games have a chat function or chatroom so you can speak with your friends while you’re gaming. It’s important to be mindful that not everybody will use these functions for the right reasons. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable through a game chat or chatroom, you can report it. Check out the information below on how to stay safe, report, block or mute other players on each platform:

 Mobile games

A lot of people play games on their mobile phone. They can be fun, harmless and even help you escape from the demands of everyday life. But not all mobile games are created equally.

Netsafe’s website has some great advice about how to make mobile games safer:

  • Block, report and mute people who troll or bully you in games
  • Take short breaks if you’re gaming for a long time
  • Don’t share personal information with people in games
  • Avoid in-game purchases like loot boxes
  • Check the age rating of any games you play

For more information visit Netsafe - mobile games and in-app purchases(external link).

Worried about how much you’re gaming?

Video games are fun and great to play with friends, but they are designed to be addictive. Like any addiction there are some warning signs. Head First recommend you look out for these signs that you may be gaming too much:

For help about concerning gaming behaviour check out these organisations: